Home Improvement

Home Improvement

Home Improvement in Buffalo, NY

While our main focus is commercial roofing, Neth & Son, Inc. offers windows and doors, siding, and shingles as our residential options. You can expect the same dedication and quality as with our commercial projects, just on a smaller scale.
Commercial Roofing Buffalo, NY


At Neth & Son, we have a vast network of residential shingle suppliers, which allows us to find the shingle style and color that will fit your needs.
Roofing General Maintenance Buffalo, NY

Windows & Doors

Replacing your windows and doors can instantly upgrade your home. Windows and doors are a great investment because they can often improve the value of your home and decrease your energy costs as well.
Roofing Estimates Buffalo NY


New siding can both improve the look of your property and increase the value of your home with minimal maintenance required. Our siding experts can help you choose from a variety of siding styles, including wood, metal, vinyl, masonry, or composite siding.

Let us help you find the products and styles that perfectly suit your home.
Emergency Roof Repair Buffalo, NY
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