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Roof leaks are serious problems. They can cause damage to your property and cost you money. At Neth & Son, we recognize that our job doesn’t end with the roof installation. After the job is complete, we continue to work with our customers to develop a maintenance program that suits the needs of their facility. By being proactive, we can stop roof leaks before they start and prolong the life of your roof.

Our roofing contractors provide a variety of repairs. If you need assistance with existing roof leaks, Neth & Son can take care of that, too. Our service department will work with your facility personnel to locate, diagnose, and repair your roof problems, especially flat roofing.

Commercial flat roofs, while they have many advantages, can be prone to leaks and deterioration caused by weather. We have coatings and other solutions to these problems, so you get many more years out of your investment.
Documentation & Communication

Our long history of working with commercial facilities has taught us the importance of documentation and communication. That’s why we make sure to take before-and-after pictures of all repairs to help you document the work. In addition, our service manager is in constant communication with our technicians, allowing us to provide real-time updates to our clients.

All our invoices come with a written field report completed by our field technicians and signed by the owner's representative. 

This report includes an exact description of the work completed, the number of technicians, start and finish times, and the type and amount of materials used.
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